Rules for Radicals

The first step on any journey is to lay some ground rules. When we were in pre-engagement counseling (yes, that’s a thing), my husband and I had small notebooks in which we agreed upon and wrote out some rules for different categories of our marriage, such as money, sex,  and raising children. It helped to talk about and know these things before we decided that we could actually be married to one another.

Here are some fashion and beauty rules that I decided for myself in order to make some changes .  You might have some different rules, and that’s okay. The main thing is, before you walk into a store or salon, know what you’re about.

My Rules for Beauty:

  1. I will not be late because of my appearance. The people I love are more important than what my hair looks like.
  2. I will not go broke for beauty. I have other spending goals to meet first. Anything that’s not 100% necessary should come out of my disposable income only.
  3. I won’t make purchases just to fit in. That B.S. is for middle schoolers.
  4. I won’t buy something if  I already have one like it at home. That extends to anything that I could spend money on.
  5. I will buy ethically produced or resale items whenever possible. My choices can either help or hurt others. I choose the first option.
  6. I will work to maintain a healthy self-image. That means admitting the root cause of my insecurity and asking God to help me before it makes its way to the outside of me (my appearance).
  7. Healthy choices equal inner and outer beauty. Working out, getting adequate sleep, drinking plenty of water, and eating well will influence the way I look and feel in positive ways.
  8. I’ll make my peace with my age. The truth is, I’m 35. I could try to hide that fact from strangers, but I’d rather just own it so that other women can also be proud to be alive at 35.

By my 36th birthday in September, I hope to make some progress toward keeping these rules. I’ll let you know how it’s going at least once a week.


What rules have you made for the care and keeping of your body that have worked well? Are there any rules that you found you could not hold yourself to?


One Comment Add yours

  1. Stephanie dix says:

    I need to print these things out put them on my fridge, mirror, and probably wallpaper one of the rooms in my house with these.

    I think I’ve learned not to think in terms of extremes. The thought, “I don’t have anything nice to wear!” Is probably untrue and definitely unhelpful. I never have the perfect thing to wear (unless I saved up and bought it) so what’s the most appropriate thing I have to wear? Is that ok? Will I honestly have a better time if I have nicer clothes, or if my make up is perfect (or on)? Those kinds of questions help me. I’ve also learned to buy one or two things at a time and then wait a week to see if that’s enough. Like with maternity clothes, or when I use to buy new work clothes when starting a job. Instead of buying 5 maternity shirts, just get 1-2 and see if that’s enough. I often realize I need less than I think I do when I buy slowly.


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